Diving in summer or winter?

Natali Hausmann

Diving is a good activity to practice all year round.

Diving is a year-round activity. Although in the Mediterranean Coast we have to keep in mind that the temperature of the sea is very variable. In the area of the Costa Brava, where we dive, the sea temperature allows us to dive all year round, the only thing we should wear is a wetsuit thicker or thinner depending on the moment. 

In summer, on the Costa Brava, the sea water can reach a pleasant 24 degrees, during the months of July and August, the best time to dive, and where it is also usually normal a great visibility.

June, September, October and even November we can place them in high season, which is when the sea water is warmer and you can do two dives in the same morning without going cold. There are usually no storms or storms that affect the state of the sea. It is also the time of year that there are more tourists. 

The months of the year with the coldest sea temperature are January, February and March.In these months, NO-certified divers will be wearing 5mm/7mm suits with 2.5mm overcoats, gloves and a hood. Certified divers can wear dry suits. During these months we recommend NOT-certified divers to do only 1 dive on the same day.

These temperature differences are vital for the growth of some species, as well as the arrival of shallow specimens that we don’t see in summer, such as the fish of John Dory's or Monkfish.

Summer to winter then? Both moments are special! It is very nice to dive with warm water and have great visibility, but diving on deserted beaches and without divers is also a great point to keep in mind! 

As we love diving, we will be doing well all year round! We will be happy to offer you great service and good dives!