The Mediterranean, a different dive!


Hello certified divers!

If you are already a diver with Open Water Diver certification or higher, we offer you great dives! We have diving spots for all levels.

The Mediterranean is a temperate sea, where there are no coral reefs. Our sea beds are full of rocks, covered with seaweed, sponges, plants, small corals, ...

The fish you are going to see are also different from other seas in the world! Many of the species that we can see are endemic to the Mediterranean, that is, you can only see them in our sea!

Before each dive we will carry out a detailed briefing, where we will explain the species that you will be able to see through a fish guide. Of the most important species of the dive site that we will perform we will explain important details and how to recognize them.

In this BLOG we will be talking about the most outstanding species of the Mediterranean Sea, so you can know more about them before coming to dive!

We start!