How we liked the movie ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA and we want you to have a perfect day of diving!


YEAH! Well, of course we've seen it. We are Spanish but we love Indian cinema. And we especially really liked this 2011 movie where Arjun, Imraan and Kabir on their journey through Spain learn to accept their differences and take advantage of opportunities.

And exactly, we are your opportunity that you cannot miss! We have been dedicated to diving for 24 years, but since 2011 we have specialized in helping hundreds of people of Indian nationality who have wanted to emulate the protagonists of "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" and dive for the first time!

On their trip through Spain when they visit the Costa Brava, Arjun learns to dive thanks to Laila, and overcomes his fear of the sea, even without knowing how to swim. Well, we are your Laila, and who will do everything possible so that you can enjoy our passion, you can dive and get many underwater photos!

Like Laila with Arjun, it is very important to have a lot of patience and have special treatment when not knowing how to swim. Not all diving schools on the Costa Brava understand this situation, because in Spain everyone knows how to swim perfectly. People who do not know how to swim or are afraid of the sea must have an instructor for every 1 or 2 people and we offer you this opportunity. Remember, take advantage of the opportunities! and we are!

But there are things in the film that are not very well explained or as professionals we must explain better:

- You can't fly after diving. You can dive but then 18 hours must pass before you can fly. It is important that you plan your trip well and if you want to dive and then skydive, do it in the correct order.

- Diving for the first time from a boat is not the best option. The Costa Brava is spectacular and its shore diving is the most demanded by national divers. A shore diving for people who dive for the first time is perfect and a guarantee of being able to learn without getting dizzy or afraid. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn to dive with our advice and you will definitely overcome this challenge you have.

- Diving on the Costa Brava is in high demand, do not book the same day or the day before. You might not have a place to carry out this activity by reserving with little time. We recommend you close your reservation in time, so our company prepares everything well and has its best diving instructors for you.

- After diving, you are very hungry! And what better than eating a "paella", the typical dish of Spain. But we know that many of you are vegetarians, don't worry, it's a plate of food that can be prepared only with rice and vegetables, great!

- Communication with public transport from the city of Barcelona to the Costa Brava is not very good. And driving a rental car on our roads is quite different from what you know in India. Don't worry about anything, we take care of everything! We pick you up at the door of your accommodation and take you diving, then in the afternoon, we return to Barcelona. And before going back, we eat. A perfect day, without worries for you.

- Once Arjun and Laila start diving, images of corals appear... those images are not from the Costa Brava, they are underwater images from a tropical place. You won't see corals, as there are none in Spain, but your diving in the Costa Brava will be just as incredible! The diving area is a spectacular beach with white sand, very clean and transparent waters, just put your head under the water many small fish will come to greet you. Diving on the Costa Brava is one of the most valued in Spain.

- When Arjun dives for the first time, he does it to a maximum depth of 10 meters. Our laws do not allow first-time divers to go beyond this depth. But you'll still like it a lot. We have prepared a compilation of images of the most common species that you will be able to see: (No marine species is dangerous)

- Arjun trusts Laila fully and so he can overcome his fears and go diving. Now you must trust us and become your best option. Getting someone who can't swim to dive takes time. And this time has a price. If you hire cheap diving experiences, it can become a disaster and this does not interest you. We understand this situation and offer you a deluxe product. We are going to do everything possible on our part, investing more time than anyone so that you can dive!

We are already looking forward to meeting you and being part of your adventure like Arjun, Imraan and Kabir did!

Welcome to the amazing underwater world!

Jaidev making his first dive
Jaidev making his first dive