Discover   Scuba Diving   program

While it is not a diving certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is a quick and easy introduction to what is needed to explore the undersea world. To enroll in a Discover Scuba Diving experience, you must be at least 12 years old. No prior experience with diving is necessary, but you must have reasonable physical health. During the dives we do underwater photos and videos that we give you for free. Are you ready to try it?

And don't be fooled, we'll take you diving where we like to dive on the Costa Brava (the photos on this website are of the diving area, we are very sincere and we just want you to enjoy our services)

Welcome to quality diving!


Ready to dive?

You’ll learn the basic safety guidelines and skills to dive with the supervision of a BARCELONA-DIVING professional. A Discover Scuba Diving Program follows the following steps:

1- Transfer to the Costa Brava (7 o'clock in the morning). We pick you up at the door of your accommodation and take you to the Costa Brava. At the end of the activity we return you to your accommodation. So you won’t have to take a taxi or public transport to reach a meeting point, much more comfortable for you!

We arrive at the Costa Brava at 08:30h approximately. We invite you to a coffee and something light to eat.

2- Explanation by the instructor of the basic concepts of diving (approximately 30 minutes).

3- Assembly of the equipment and put on the neoprene suit.

4- Let's go diving! It is a shore dive, at a maximum depth of around 5 meters. Basic diving exercises are carried out to have more confidence and safety, and a submarine ride observing typical fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. The duration of the dive is between 40 and 50 minutes. During this dive in shallow waters with your dive instructor you will relax and get confidence to want to continue the program! You start to become a diver!

The shore dives are without a doubt the best options for someone who has never dived and we can even see more marine life than in the boat tours, which we advise against (people get dizzy and the descents to the bottom are very vertical, not helping too much to reduce the ear aches for people with difficulty in performing the maneuver to eliminate them). We recommend 100% shore dives! 

5- If you have only chosen the Pack of 1 dive, we return to the dive center and you can take a shower. Then you can visit the beautiful town on the Costa Brava, you have 1h30min.

If you have decided to do a second dive, we will rest 1 hour on the same beach, prepare diving equipment and dive! You have bottled water to drink and something light to eat between dives. 
The second dive of the day will be at a maximum depth of 10 meters.

6- We can take a shower and go to eat. We will go to a restaurant to eat the typical Spanish dish, paella! 

7- We return to Barcelona. Arrival in Barcelona: 16h approximately.

Our diving instructors will help you at all times and will make you underwater photos and small videos to remember. We will provide them for free.

Welcome to quality diving!


Why the Costa Brava?

Without a doubt, it is the best diving place on our coast. The diving in the city of Barcelona is not good and lacks much life... the bottom is very fine sand or mud and there is usually not good visibility.

By comparison, diving on the Costa Brava is spectacular. There is a lot of marine life and the visibility is usually very good! It is the perfect place to dive and only 1 hour from Barcelona.



These shore dives are undoubtedly one of the best dives on the Costa Brava, and we will be able to see: Moray eels, octopus, groupers, barracudas, sea horses, nudibranchs, anemone crabs, scorpion fish, large schools of common two-banded seabreams, ... many more fish than you expect! The biodiversity in this diving area is spectacular!



- Possibility of swimming (it is not necessary to be an Olympic swimmer!)

- Be ready to have a good time.

- Complete a medical statement in the same dive center (To be able to dive you must not have heart problems, or be asthmatic, or be diabetic or be pregnant)

- You can not fly until 18 hours after the last dive. Keep it in mind to organize your day of diving.



- Transfer to Barcelona/Costa Brava/Barcelona (Pick up at your hotel or accommodation). 

- Photos & videos during the activity.

- Diving insurance.

- All equipment for the activity (mask, fins, wetsuit..)

- Between dives you will have mineral water to drink. 

- At the end of the activity we will eat the typical Spanish dish, paella (It can be a special paella for vegetarians). 

- You have changing rooms and showers in the facilities of the Costa Brava. Also lockers to store your belongings.

- In our vans that will take you to the Costa Brava, you have mobile phone chargers for all types of models. You’ll also have water to drink.


All our packages include at the end of the activity, going to eat the typical Spanish dish, a delicious Paella (there are options to make it 100% vegetarian). This dish is based on rice, vegetables and optionally fish and meat.



- PACK 1: A 1 shore dive is priced at €149

- PACK 2: Two shore dives have a price of €179

Discounts of 10% if the group is of 4 people or more.



We go out to dive from one person. If you have a companion that wants to come with you but not to dive is possible. 

Price per person (non-diver companion): €59